Learn Systematic Theology

The Bishops College will hold a 10 week online Systematic Theology I course beginning July 6, 2015. This course will explore:

1. Theology Proper
2. Christology
3. Pneumatology
4. Satanolgy/Hamartiology
5. Angelology

In this course we are not going to teach you what to think, but we teach you how to think critically. You will learn how to think as a theologian. Critical thinking is the Key to this course. Course includes only book, recorded lectures, live catechisms via conference call, unlimited instructor access, and special guest lectures.

This course is NOT designed for those wishing an introduction to Bible study. Please note this is a full seminary level course.

The tuition for this course is only $50. Again, please note that this a seminary level course. Please be prepared to invest your time and energy to successfully navigate this course.


To register for this course, please call 888-882-7752. You will have to speak to Dr. Pickett before being granted full registration.

Dr. Himie Pickett
The Bishops College


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