Developing A Ministry Brand

Today a notable doctorate and distinguished professor monikered (nicknamed)  me as “A professor’s professor.” I receive the moniker, because   I have worked hard to brand myself as such.

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Creating a ministry brand is one thing, but creating a strong ministry brand is another. Therefore, as a starting ministry you need to be aware of the fundamentals involved in creating a ministry brand that would enable your ministry to excel in the Church world. However, you must not be scared by this process; instead, try to enjoy the exercise of ministry brand building, and you will be able to build a ministry brand that you can be proud of and your ministry partners will love.

Focus on the Ministry

Before even thinking of a ministry brand, think first of your ministry. After all, the ministry brand is merely a representative of your ministry . So, you must refrain from focusing too much on developing an effective ministry brand without giving attention to the ministry. Your ministry brand must come as a result of your ministry, not the other way around.

Therefore, you need to come up with your ministry band depending on the following factors:

*nature of ministry
*type of service to ministry partners
*distinction from other ministries

Nature of Ministry

One of the purposes of creating a ministry brand is to communicate your ministry partners what your ministry does. Therefore, take time to evaluate the nature of your ministry and the distinct attributes and images it tries to convey to the Church world. If possible, try to produce your ministry brand according to the specific target audience that you are aiming for your ministry. Is your ministry catering to mothers, young adults, children, education, etc.? This will help establish the name and image for your ministry.

Once you increase awareness of your ministry brand as a representative of your ministry’s products or services, only then can you expect to experience increased partners. Therefore, creating a ministry brand that will be easily remembered and distinct will enable you to create a loyal partner base.

Type of Ministry

The entailing concept surrounding a ministry brand name such as a logo, mission statement, or color scheme are all but abstract concepts. What establishes a ministry brand as a concrete representation for your ministry is the experience that your partners have with your product or service. Therefore, you need to establish that relationship between your partners and the kind of service you bring to them as one aspect that will enable your ministry brand to establish itself in the memory of your partners.

Indeed, perceived value of your ministry is a vital formula that would produce a strong ministry brand. It is not all about images but delivering to the emotional and physical needs of your partners will help reinforce your ministry brand’s campaign in the Church world.

Distinction from Other Ministries

Although examining the type of ministry brands that are utilized by other ministries will help you establish your own ministry brand, you need to differentiate from them while exceeding them at the same time. Distinction must not only arise from the ministry name or logo itself, but in terms of the quality of service that you deliver. What can you offer that your other ministries have not and cannot offer customers? Then, incorporate that into the creation of your ministry brand so you will easily be able to capture prospective partner’s attention as to the possibility of partnering with you and being assets to your ministry.

The Chuch world is flooded with several other ministries, making your ministry unique and distinct from others is one way to establish the reputation of your ministry. Couple that with a passion for delivering topnotch ministry relations, you are sure to establish a strong ministry brand that will help your ministry achieve its goals.

Dr. Himie Pickett
The Bishops College


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