Bible Prophecy Quiz

Bible Prophecy Quiz. Pastors and senior clergy should get at least 90 percent correct. Ordained ministers should get at least 80 percent correct. This is a very very very basic quiz.


1. Approximately how much of the Bible is prophecy?

a.  10 percent
b.  25 percent
c.  50 percent

2. What book of the Bible is predominantly prophecy?

a.  Daniel
b.  Colossians
c.  Revelation

3.  How many of the prophecies that have been fulfilled have with 100 percent accuracy?

a. 100 percent
b.  50 percent
c.  75 percent

4. Who prophesied about a valley of dry bones?

a. Hosea
b. Ezekiel
c. Jeremiah

5. What prophet interpreted a dream about a giant statue?

a. Ezekiel
b. Daniel
c. Jeremiah

6.  Who has God’s primary interest today?

a. Israel
b. The Gentiles
c.  The Church

7. According to the Pretribulational perspective, for whom is The Great Tribulation prepared?

a. Israel
b. The Gentiles
c.  The Church

8. Who will be caught up in the Rapture?

a. Israel
b. All humanity
c.  The Church

9. Where can we read Jesus’ Mt. Oliver Discourse?

a. Luke 12
b. Matthew 24
c. John 20

10. Where is the location of the Temple Mount?

a. Iraq
b. Jerusalem
c. Bethlehem

Email for answer key.


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