wpid-download-7.jpg.jpegThe Institute of Biblical Theology provides brick and mortar studies in ministerial excellence. It provides low tuition but high quality education. Our mission is to provide Biblical intellectualism to the Body of Christ.

The Institute of Biblical Theology is nascent in existence; however, it has been excogitated upon in the mind of Dr.Pickett for over 15 years. Dr. Pickett envisaged a lyceum for the coterie of Bible afcionados. He also knew that ALL aspiring preceptors and pulpiters needed to have more than just superficial knowledge of the Word of God, he knew that they must have adroitness and erudition. It was to this end that the Bishops College was founded in 2012.

The Institute of Biblical Theology is avant-garde in andrological methodology, provides the core theological courses for fledgling and full-fledged Biblicists,  yet  it is the most economical lyceum of its kind.

Our motto is “Biblical Intellectalism Is Our Supreme Task.” Intellectualism by definition means: devotion to the exercise of intellect or intellectual pursuits. The person who engages in intellectual pursuits is considered to be an intellect. A group of intellects is called an intelligentsia. The Institute of Biblical Theology is certainly an intelligentsia of Biblical aficionados.

If you have a desire to study the Bible economically at the college, university, or seminary level please contact instituteofbiblicaltheology@gmail.com, and we will be elated to have you matriculated into the Bishops College.

Dr. Himie Pickett
The Institute of Biblical Theology


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